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Homologation Citycoco Belgium

Homologation Citycoco Belgium

The Citycoco scooter is gaining popularity and if you are interested in it, you have come to the right place. Ozzyrides is the only company in Belgium that sells homologated Citycoco scooters, the Ozzyrides scooters are supplied with Belgian registration documents.

Don't be misled by other players in the market who claim that scooters can be used on public roads without papers - this is completely wrong. If you are stopped by the police without documents and a license plate, your Citycoco scooter will be confiscated and you will not get your scooter back.

We therefore strongly recommend that consumers purchase the scooters from us, as we are the only authentic Citycoco dealer in Belgium.

Consumers are also quickly tempted to order a scooter for a few hundred euros from Aliexpress and other similar websites. We also strongly advise against this. Your scooter will also be confiscated.

Buy your electric Citycoco scooter at Ozzy Rides!