Mandatory motorcycle inspection

Verplichte Motorkeuring

Technical inspection of motorcycles

On January 1, 2023, Flanders introduced motorcycle inspection, more specifically for motorcycles over 125 cc for second-hand sales and after an accident. Motorcycles are therefore not subject to a periodic inspection as standard. The motorcycles are technically inspected for their safety, environmental and noise impact.

For inspections you can visit

Not all types of motorcycles

Not all types of motorcycles are covered by the new obligation. In concrete terms, this concerns:

  • motorcycles, three-wheelers and four-wheelers with a combustion engine with a cylinder capacity of more than 125 cc,
  • electric or hybrid motorcycles with a maximum power greater than 11 kilowatts and a maximum speed higher than 45 kilometers per hour.

Lighter motorcycles do not yet have to undergo inspection.

Motorcycle Inspection Manual

The emphasis of motorcycle inspection is on road safety and environmental and consumer protection. There are a number of technical areas in which a motorcycle is checked: the braking equipment, the steering, the lights and reflectors, the suspension, the chassis, an emissions measurement and an auditory assessment. The full description of the inspection can be found in the motorcycle inspection manual

Cost price

The motorcycle inspection amounts 48.10 euros .

Inspection before sale

The application for registration, which is delivered at the pre-sale inspection, is: Valid for 2 months . If you do not re-register the vehicle within those 2 months, a full inspection will have to take place again.

When selling second-hand, the inspection must be carried out before the motorcycle reaches the new owner.

Distribution of inspection centers

It is expected that approximately 30,000 pre-sale inspections and approximately 200 post-accident inspections will take place annually. The motorcycle inspection will take place in more than half of the inspection centers, with a good geographical spread throughout Flanders.


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