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Which motorcycles are required to undergo inspection from 2023?

Motorcycles with a block of more than 125 cc:
You are obliged to go to the inspection with motorcycles, three-wheelers and four-wheelers that are equipped with a combustion engine of more than 125 cc.

Moto with electric motor or hybrid motorcycles:
Is your motorcycle electric or hybrid? Then you have to go to the technical inspection if you can reach a maximum speed of more than 45 km/h and the maximum power of the engine is more than 11 kW.

Is the motorcycle inspection mandatory / when do you have to go to the motorcycle inspection?

Yes, the motorcycle inspection is mandatory before sale or after an accident, there is currently NO periodic motorcycle inspection. You have to take a motorcycle to the inspection after an accident and when you want to sell or buy the motorcycle second-hand. So you don't have to have an annual check-up like you do with a passenger car or camper.

How much does a motorcycle inspection cost?

The price for the inspection of a motorcycle is set at 58 Euro. This price is the same at all inspection stations.

What do they look at at the motorcycle inspection?

The inspector will examine the following parts of the motorcycle: braking equipment, steering, lights and reflectors (e.g. they must all have an E approval), exhaust, messages, instruments, suspension and chassis, identification plate. In addition, the inspection measures emissions and the motorcycle is subjected to an auditory assessment.

Is the inspection of a motorcycle by appointment?

Yes, you must always make an appointment for the inspection of your motorcycle. This can be done via

How long is the motorcycle inspection valid?

Your inspection document is valid for 2 months after approval.

Which documents do you need for the motorcycle inspection?

Registration document part 1 & part 2 and the certificate of conformity if the motorcycle comes from Belgium. If your motorcycle has been imported from the Netherlands, for example, you do not need a certificate of conformity.

Where can you have a motorcycle inspected?

You can go to many places in Belgium to have your motorcycle inspected.

Should you inspect your motorcycle yourself or have it inspected by Ozzy Rides?

We do not recommend inspecting motorcycles that are older than 3 years yourself, why?
once you go to the inspection and your engine has been rejected, there will always be a message stating why it was rejected and they will have you come back for a re-inspection, it is also expensive to have your engine inspected yourself. Charging the engine (risk of damage), engine inspection (risk of rejection). That is why we offer a complete inspection of your engine for €170 inspection + €55 for the pre-inspection. What is the pre-inspection for? This ensures that we pass your motorcycle inspection with a 100% chance of success, we check every detail and get it in order without extra costs.

Read here for more information Have your motorcycle inspected by Ozzy Rides

Have your motorcycle inspected at Ozzy Rides

Have the engine inspected within 48 hours if necessary, and even within 24 hours if necessary!

you can bring your motorcycle to us, or we can pick up the motorcycle with one of our specially selected motorcycle transport vans. The price for this is €170 including VAT. Excluding transport costs.

Pre-inspection service , where we adjust the lights, measure CO, check brakes (without brake test bench). So far, no motorcycle that has been checked by us has received a red card. The costs for this Pre-inspection are €55 including VAT . If you just want to have the lights adjusted, this is also possible for €15 including VAT .

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Inspection + Pre-inspection
Sale price€225,00
  • 100% passed the inspection
  • Everything is checked
  • Usually within 48 hours after we receive your motorcycle
  • 100% pink form
Inspection + Adjusting lights
Sale price€185,00
  • Only inspection with lights adjustment
  • We will notify you if you require a pre-inspection
  • Usually within 48 hours
Inspection only
Sale price€170,00
  • Inspection only without pre-inspection
  • We will notify you if you require a pre-inspection
  • Usually within 48 hours

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You can contact us via our number +32 486 25 50 31 | email or via whatsapp via the button above

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